One man’s dream to provide excellence in home comfort grew from a one-room shed in 1984 to a robust HVAC business today.

Mountain Valley Home Comfort’s Glen Turner: the hard-working man with an HVAC plan.

In 1984 Glen Turner started an HVAC contracting operation in a one room shed in New Market, VA. Purchasing a few pieces of machinery from Luray, VA, the locally minded Turner went to work on the cutting edge of home comfort technology for the time. Building relationships with contractors and HVAC salesmen, Glen began expanding in 1985 as an authorized Lennox® HVAC dealer and moved the business from the shed to his home in 1987.

Teamwork starts at home but quickly grows into commercial service.

By 1989 when Glen married Sandy, the business had outgrown a home operation and he and Sandy set to work moving to a more suitable space. In 1991, Glen and Sandy Turner started their commercial service and in 1993 had expanded to include a service department employee and two service technicians. A period of rapid expansion followed and in 1995 they formally created three distinct operations: Mountain Valley Sheet Metal including heating and air conditioning with 45 employees; Mountain Valley Home Improvement including roofing, windows, siding and gutter work with 3 employees; and Mountain Valley Clean Air which provided duct cleaning and insulation with 2 employees.

As the demand for HVAC matures, so does the business.

In 1998, the business had grown to include 65 employees in sheet metal, 15 in home improvements, and 4 in clean air. The robust business kept with demand until 2004, when the Glen and Sandy sold the clean air business, closed the home improvement business, and dedicated their efforts solely to HVAC. Mountain Valley Home Comfort became the current business name in 2005, along with a move to a new facility. Advances in technology, building, and training have lead to greater efficiency, more specialized knowledge, and a cohesive team committed to HVAC solutions for the Valley. Today the business operates with around 45 employees and a history of over 4,000 HVAC units installed.