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Importance of preventative maintenance by Mountain Valley

You’ve heard the commercials and have probably seen the advertisements. You might have even heard the pitch when you had your air conditioner repaired. Or maybe you just purchased a new air conditioner and heard it then. You know the one…. The one where you feel the HVAC company is trying to sell you something and get you to commit to a regular maintenance schedule. The HVAC technician probably told you a regular maintenance schedule extends the life of your heating and air conditioning system and cuts down on unnecessary wear and tear and the frequency of service calls to repair your unit. Is it all a ploy to get you to spend more money or is it actually important to the care of your HVAC unit?

Maintenance agreements are very important to the care, longevity, and efficiency of your HVAC system. While consumers, especially homeowners, are constantly bombarded with offers to buy more services, extend contracts and warranties, and spend more money on their homes and personal property, some offers are worthwhile and will ultimately save the homeowner time and money. A maintenance agreement with Mountain Valley Home Comfort is worthwhile and will benefit you and your home’s HVAC system.

What are the Benefits to a Maintenance Agreement in the Shenandoah Valley?

Your Heating and Air Conditioning System

The first and foremost benefit to a maintenance agreement is to the HVAC unit itself. A maintenance agreement includes two annual inspections: the first inspection is for your air conditioner and the second inspection is for the heating side of your system. These are performed on a bi-annual basis by a certified technician from Mountain Valley Home Comfort
During these inspections, your certified technician will ensure that your unit is clean and operating efficiently. Keeping your system clean is the first step in maintaining your unit and maximizing its efficiency. If your system isn’t working at peak efficiency, your HVAC technician will be able to diagnose the problem and potentially prevent costly and inconvenient repairs.

Priority Service

Summer is a busy time for HVAC companies. If your A/C unit is going to stop working, it’s probably going to quit on you at the worst time….during the middle of summer. If you’ve ever had this happen, you’ll appreciate the added benefit of priority service. Priority service is just what the name implies. If you have a maintenance agreement, you get to cut in line and receive service faster over homeowners who do not.

Saves You Money for your Virginia home

When there is a problem with your heating and air conditioning system and a repair is necessary, a maintenance agreement will give you a discounted price on repairs. Not only will the service agreement decrease the frequency of repairs, but it will save you money when the time comes to make a repair.
Also, an inefficient HVAC system can raise your utility bills. So when your technician tells you that your system is running efficiently, you can rest assured that you are not spending unnecessary money.

Don’t Void Your Warranty

If you have a manufacturer’s warranty on your unit, keep in mind that failing to keep a regular maintenance schedule could void your warranty. HVAC units need proper care by a licensed professional, like the ones at Mountain Valley Home Comfort. If you don’t hold up your end of the bargain and keep to a regular maintenance schedule, you may find that the warranty is no longer valid.

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