Enjoy reliable, year-round comfort with Mountain Valley Home Comfort’s HVAC Planned Maintenance Agreement.

Stop potential comfort interruptions before they start.

Like servicing your car prevents predictable problems from arising, so does regularly maintaining your HVAC system. Our HVAC Planned Maintenance Agreement covers your HVAC system annually for regular maintenance. We come to your home twice a year to perform routine cleaning and maintenance. Our service team assesses and addresses any weak components to your system, giving you peace of mind with peak performance.

Move to the top of the list in an emergency.

We are confident that routinely maintaining your HVAC system addresses potential problems before they become emergencies. We know that when our Planned Maintenance Agreement customers call in an emergency, it’s an unforeseeable disruption to service. You are put right to the top of our response list. One of our service technician teams will promptly come onsite to restore function to your HVAC system meaning minimal disruption for you.

Expand your savings with premium discounts on labor and parts.

Because our Planned Maintenance Agreement customers invest in the maintenance of their HVAC systems, we strive to reward their commitment to maximum functionality and performance. If additional service is needed, we extend a 10% discount on parts and offer a preferred hourly labor rate. We make peak performance a priority and deliver quality the way it ought to be.

Payment plans suit your budget to keep you comfortable.

Our Planned Maintenance Agreement is a convenient way to maintain your HVAC investment. We offer yearly pre-paid plans for annual service. Your purchase of the HVAC Planned Maintenance Agreement includes:

  • two onsite visits from Mountain Valley Home Comfort technicians to service your HVAC system
  • priority emergency service
  • 15% discount on repairs

With Mountain Valley Home Comfort, your HVAC maintenance needs are met with excellent service.

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