HeatingTips and AdvicePreparing your HVAC for Fall in Staunton

July 22, 2022by Dev

Schedule a tune up for your system

One of the most important things you must do is schedule a heating system maintenance appointment to prepare for heating season. This tune up provides you with your furnace or heat pump with the maintenance it needs for increased energy efficiency throughout the winter and more comfortable living conditions inside your Staunton home.

Peace of mind from a verified safe heating system leads to a greater service life of your heating and cooling system. Optimized system performance for better even, consistent, reliable warmth indoors minimizes heating costs during the fall and winter.

Check around your HVAC system

Now is the right time to prepare your air conditioner for fall to guard against potential storm damage to your AC compressor.

Remove dead and oversized tree branches and other potential obstructions of the kind that may hinder the circulation of air through your system that may have accumulated against the AC compressor by strong winds. Prevent any kind of strayed branches or other natural elements with high stems blocking your AC unit from being cleared away by accumulated leaves and grass.

Before a storm hits, secure any large and weighty outside items like outdoor furniture. These items might blow about or strike the rhythm of your AC compressor, resulting in damage.

Change the filters for your system

Keeping furnace filters clean and free from dust can make a big difference to the operation of your furnace. Dirty filters can cause unpleasant odors to circulate throughout the home, reduces the system’s efficiency, and shortens the lifespan of your heating system.

If you are unsure if your system has filters or where they may be then it is best to have a local professional from Mountain Valley Home Comfort come out to inspect your system and preform the seasonal tune up.

Check for drafts

Drafts cause your home to waste energy by opening the doors and windows when it’s cold and leaving doors or windows open when it’s warm. Leaky ducts can be sealed with mastic or aluminum tape and your wallet may feel the benefit on your heating bill.

Try a test run of your system

Trying out your heating system before the winter comes isn’t a bad idea, as typically you’ll use it less and less in the warmer seasons. This can help you narrow down any problems with your heating system before you really need it.

Don’t delay, schedule a time for our HVAC maintenance service now! Do not hesitate to give us a call at 540-740-3844. We are here to address all your HVAC questions.

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