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March 15, 2023by Dev

With the summer season looming, now is the time to consider if it’s time to replace your aging air conditioning (AC) system. An inefficient system can be a costly problem leading to higher utility bills and more frequent breakdowns. As these systems age, their efficiency drops, meaning higher energy costs. As with any system, the older it gets, you will eventually experience more frequent, expensive repairs. So how do you determine when it makes sense to invest in a new AC system?

Your AC efficiency

Your air conditioning system is an essential part of your home, especially during the hot summer months. But how do you know when to replace your AC unit? One of the most important factors to consider is efficiency. An old or outdated air conditioning system can cost you a lot of money on your energy bills and may not be cooling your home as effectively as it should be.

If your AC unit is over 10 years old, it may be time for a replacement. Older units tend to use more energy and can cause higher utility bills. Additionally, if you find that some rooms in your home are cooler than others or that there are hot spots throughout the house, this could indicate an inefficient system. A new air conditioning system may improve temperature control and eliminate these inconsistencies.

Constant Repairs

In most cases, repairs can help restore the functionality of your AC unit back to normal. But when do you know it is time to replace your air conditioning system? If you notice that there is a regular need for repair or a tune up then you may have your first sign it’s time to consider upgrading your system.

One of the most apparent signs that you need a new AC system is frequent repairs. If you find yourself calling in technicians several times a year to fix different issues with your air conditioner, it may be more cost-effective to replace the entire unit instead. Additionally, if your current system is over ten years old, chances are that it has already outlived its lifespan and needs a replacement.

Even if your system does not break down entirely, you may notice it does not cool the home as quickly as it used to. Another indication that you need a new air conditioner is poor energy efficiency. This all means your system is running much longer and working harder than it should. This not only increases the expense of running your system but will also lead to more repairs as the Air Conditioner’s parts are worn more quickly.

Maintenance is the best system protection

If you don’t think it is quite time to replace your system, or if you want to put off purchasing a new Air Conditioner as long as possible, then a regular maintenance plan will help you the most. Don’t wait until your heating or cooling system breaks down before you take action to prolong its lifespan. Even if you think it’s not time to replace your system, implementing a regular maintenance plan is the best way to ensure it runs longer and more efficiently.

Seasonal maintenance, including cleaning and inspection of key components, is critical for ensuring your HVAC system performs at peak capacity all year round. Regular upkeep can also help detect minor issues before they become costly repairs or replacements.

A comprehensive maintenance plan typically includes inspecting air filters, checking refrigerant levels, testing thermostat settings, lubricating moving parts such as motors and bearings, and removing any debris or dirt that may have accumulated in the system over time.

Neglecting routine maintenance can cause a range of problems that go beyond simple inconvenience or discomfort.


The professionals at Mountain Valley Home Comfort can help you get all the information you need to decide if repairs or replacement is the most cost-effective action for you. Their maintenance plan will also help keep your system running as efficiently as well as help your AC have the most extended lifespan possible.
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