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December 2, 2021by Dev

The holiday season is here and your home’s heating system is working overtime to keep your home comfortable for family and friends.

Your family is busy decorating your home for this festive time of year, however, there are a few things to remember when it comes to your HVAC system during this festive time of year.

Christmas Tree Safety in Harrisonburg

Regardless, if you have a real or artificial tree, it can become a safety hazard in your home. Live trees need water all season to avoid drying out and causing a fire. Avoid placing a tree near register vents, the heat will cause a real tree to dry out prematurely. Dry needles, ornaments, or even decorations can fall into register vents.

If a vent becomes clogged with debris, it can damage the HVAC system or duct work. It can even be a fire hazard, especially if the item reaches your heating equipment. Verify that all vents are open. Closed vents restrict proper air flow throughout your home.

This will increase your energy bill and cause the system to work harder than it should.


You should never cover your thermostat with decorations or lights. It can cause your thermostat to read home temperature or humidity inaccurately, which can cause the system to malfunction or cause excessive energy costs.

Outdoor equipment

Avoid placing exterior decorations around your HVAC outdoor equipment. Air needs to circulate around the outdoor equipment for optimum performance.

Furthermore, you should regularly inspect your outdoor unit and keep it free from leaves, sticks, and other debris. If these things get caught in the outdoor unit, it could damage a motor, the fan blade or coils, which could lead to an unexpected service call to your HVAC contractor.

Air filters

If you’re expecting family, friends, or any large gathering at your home this holiday season, you will want your HVAC system working at its peak performance ability. Make sure to check your air filters on a regularly.

Dirty or clogged filters can cause air flow issues, higher energy cost, or an emergency service call. It would be a great idea to schedule your fall/winter maintenance, just to make sure your equipment is working in tip-top shape.

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Your Harrisonburg Home’s Electrical system

If you are decorating with lights around your home, make sure to check the lights, cords, plugs, and your electrical receptacles before turning on the lights. If you are concerned, you can contact a licensed technician for a complete inspection and avoid any potential issues.

Christmas is here and the last thing you want is an HVAC or electrical emergency to ruin your special celebration.

Follow these safety tips and have a safe and happy holiday season.

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